Proper Hydration Benefits

Water is an essential element for supporting life: it provides sustenance, hydrates the body, and balances chemicals within the blood. It is one of the six essential basic nutrients humans need in their diet, along with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. It is a fundamental aspect of nutritional care and is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Water’s Revitalizing Ability

Water has been renowned throughout history as having revitalizing properties. In fact, many of the body’s many functions depend on hydration to properly perform. That is why good hydration has been medically shown to help prevent incontinence, urinary tract infections, and constipation. Drinking plenty of water prompts residents to use the restroom more frequently, which means that the kidneys are being put to work. Naturally, a byproduct of frequent urination is a reduction in instances of developing kidney stones. Frequent urination is also very important to the management of diabetes. Heart disease and low blood pressure are also curbed when plenty of water is consumed regularly. An added benefit is that hydration protects against the formation of blood clots.

The skin also requires hydration to stay supple and elastic. The skin serves as a water reservoir, and when it is filled, or hydrated, the skin appears plump, supple, and healthy. Adequate hydration can also have a significant impact on improving skin conditions. Good hydration can also have a positive impact on cognitive function and oral health. It is also believed that good hydration reduces the occurrences of falls, pressure ulcers, and many other illnesses, and the immune system is properly fueled by water.

Good hydration is also believed to help protect against certain cancers. Although the scientific research is limited, the initial results seem to suggest that good hydration reduces the risk of developing cancers such as breast cancer, prostate, bladder, and urinary tract cancers.

Consuming Water Prompts The Body to Perform Healthy Bodily Functions

Water is a low-cost preventative measure that can greatly reduce the amount of medical care a nursing home resident may need. Drinking plenty of water promotes healthy body function in nursing home residents. Water is used in a plurality of bodily functions, such as respiration, swallowing, digestion, and excretion. When body functions are performing properly and routinely, there is a lower risk that medical problems will arise.

Water is one of the most exceptional health options that exists in the world today. It is the cheapest hydration option available, compared to sugary or caffeinated drinks, and it packs the most healthful benefits of any consumable beverage, save enriched beverages containing added vitamins and minerals. The human body is approximately 70% water; so drinking plenty of it is good for you. Water is also readily available from the tap, and the temperature of water can be adjusted up or down based on the drinker’s preferences.

Contact a Dehydration Attorney

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