Sponsor of Evanston Youth Hockey

The Rooth Law Firm believes in investing in youth in the community of Evanston, and is a proud sponsor of the Evanston Youth Hockey Wildkits for the 2016-2017 season. Now in its 50th year as an organization for youth to come together and play hockey, the Evanston Youth Hockey Association has been teaching children from ages six through high school how to skate and succeed in the sport of hockey.

About Evanston Youth Hockey

Evanston Youth Hockey Association (EYHA) offers both travel teams and in-house leagues for players ready to test their skills on the ice. It’s important to Rooth Law Firm that this tradition continues, as the EYHA prepares players to lace up for high school teams throughout the area. Children benefit from playing a team sport, from learning teamwork to building on skills that they learn as youth, players progress through the program to become excellent hockey players.

EYHA has a strong commitment to both girls and boys in Evanston and the surrounding area, holding the belief that hockey should be available to everyone. They offer a diverse training program that focuses on the development of hockey skills and solid sportsmanship. The use of high-quality coaches to provide instruction to the children makes this an excellent program for players who want to take their hockey to the next level.

Why We Sponsored

Sponsoring the EYHA allows the program to continue to provide solid coaching to all players while remaining affordable to almost anyone that wants to play hockey. With a commitment to providing the best coaching in the area, and offering a multitude of programs to participate in, the EYHA relies on the donations and sponsorship of members in the community to keep the program running strong. With the efforts of sponsors, EYHA is able to keep the facility updated, give players a variety of teams to choose from throughout the year, and provide some of the best hockey instruction in the surrounding area.

Rooth Law Firm knows that when you want to invest in any community, you must invest in the children that live within it. Hockey teaches friendship and gives youth a place where they can channel their energy. Rooth Law firm believes that it is important to keep programs that provide enrichment opportunities for youth going strong, and that sponsorship is one of the ways you can help keep programs running.

When businesses in the community of Evanston come together to support the EYHA, the program can continue to successfully produce high-quality hockey players, giving the youth of the area a chance at becoming the best hockey player they can be. As a nonprofit organization, the EYHA relies on the generosity of donors and sponsors willing to invest in the youth of the community.