It is NOT normal for nursing home patients to develop bed sores, and it is elder abuse. While the elderly are more prone to skin breakdown due to thinner skin and less fat, proper care and attention can and do lessen the likelihood of pressure ulcers or bed sores. So if you or your loved one develops a pressure ulcer while in a nursing home, take action immediately to the identify the stage of the skin breakdown and resolve it with medical attention and then investigate whether the sore directly relates to nursing home neglect.

Bed Sores Can Lead to Serious Health Complications

If nursing home staff fails to treat or improperly treats bed sores, serious health complications will arise, including:

Nursing home staff may attempt to control bed sores with antibiotics, but this can also lead to major complications.

Any of the complications listed here can lead to surgery, decreased mortality and, in some patients, wrongful death. To avoid these complications, ensure your loved one receives immediate and thorough medical attention.

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Ask Questions If You Notice Skin Breakdown on Your Loved One

Never assume that nursing home staff is taking all necessary steps to give your loved one the care her or she needs after developing a bed sore. If you notice skin breakdown, immediately begin asking the nurses and doctors questions to help remedy and resolve the breakdown:

  • Are they aware of the skin breakdown?
  • What steps are they taking to heal the bed sore?
  • What will they do moving forward to avoid future bed sores?

Do not accept vague answers. Instead, request that the staff documents a clear plan of action within your loved one’s care plan. Follow up on your loved one’s condition daily. If your loved one is not improving or if he or she suffers repeat bed sores, seek legal assistance. These signs can indicate that your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect.

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According to the most recent report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 11 percent of nursing home residents suffer from bed sores each year. If your loved one is in that 11 percent, reach out to us. Let our team at The Rooth Law Firm help you analyze what happened in your loved one’s situation to determine if wrongful acts or pure negligence caused those bed sores.

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