Unfortunately, no amount of precaution will fully protect a bicyclist from a negligent or unaware motorist. At The Rooth Law Firm, we have obtained millions of dollars in representing injured bicyclists who have been the victims of careless or impatient drivers.

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As avid cyclists, the attorneys at The Rooth Law Firm have a specific understanding of the dangers posed to the cycling community by distracted drivers. We have represented cyclists who have been struck and suffered significant injuries due to the failure of motorists to use adequate care for the safety of cyclists while driving.

In the wake of a serious cycling accident, you are likely to be faced with significant medical bills, an inability to return to work and a tremendous impact on your daily life. At The Rooth Law Firm, we are accustomed to helping clients through this process and in securing fair and just compensation for the injuries, lost time and lost ability sustained as a result of a serious cycling accident.

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