Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), also known as wound vac therapy, is a type of medical treatment used to help heal abdominal wounds or other wounds on the body. The process involves placing sponges and dressings over the wound and using a vacuum tool to suction out blood clots and other things within the wound. While wound vac therapy is a common procedure used in hospitals, nursing homes and patient homes across the country, case studies have also shown that improper use or cleaning of the wounds and the treatment system can lead to serious health complications.

Common Complications of Wound Vac Therapy

One common complication of wound vac therapy is extensive blood loss. Such loss is most prevalent in patients receiving medications for blood clots, in patients with blood vessel grafts and in situations when the foam dressings stuck to tissue during removal. In instances of blood loss, a patient can lose enough blood to require a transfusion.

Another common NPWT complication is infection or injury caused by left-behind sponges or foam dressings. Infections can occur in the original wound or in areas where bits of sponges or dressings have attached to the tissue. These infections can to illness and further injury, along with subsequent surgery and hospital care.

Additional complications vary, including inflammation of bodily tissue such as tissue in the abdomen (peritonitis). It is critical to understand that, when not treated quickly or correctly, any one of these complications can lead to death.

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Know Your Legal Options

If you suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to complications arising out of the use of wound vac therapy, you may have cause to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. When it comes to determining liability, we will help you investigate and pursue all potential responsible parties, including:

  • The nurses and doctors responsible for treating the wound
  • The nurses who were responsible for removing the sponges and foam dressings
  • The manufacturers of the sponges and foam dressings
  • The manufacturers of the NPWT machine
  • The staff responsible for proper maintenance of the NPWT machine

Use Our Medical Malpractice Experience to Get Compensation

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